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The Luxury Upgrade for your VF Commodore

Experience High-End Infotainment

Upon conceptualisation of a high-end infotainment system for VF Commodore drivers, there was only one goal in mind: to create a premium system that exceeds all expectations Commodore owners may have. The result is an unrivalled infotainment system with a brilliant 9″ capacitive touch screen that perfectly integrates into the VF Commodore to bring the latest media compatibility, cutting-edge navigation technology and audiophile sound quality to your vehicle. All components are designed to fit seamlessly in existing installation locations and integrate with the vehicle’s electronic systems.

Turn your dashboard into a high-end cinematic experience: the highlight of the Alpine system is the high-resolution 9″ touch screen — a centrepiece beautifully crafted into the dash. In fact, it is significantly larger than the standard factory screen. This extra-large size display will amaze you with its brilliant, high-resolution image quality — you must see it to believe it.

X902D-VF Infotainment Navigation System with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The X902D-VF Advanced Infotainment System is the perfect upgrade for your VF Commodore, bringing you amazing features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which let you use music apps, maps, messages, phone calls, plus Siri or Google Assistant as well as an astonishing range of audiophile sound adjustment features all on the stunning 9″ display. Premium navigation is at your fingertips accompanied by 3D city maps, built-in safety alerts, traffic management updates and much more.

Experience the best in sight and sound with remarkable features such as HDMI for smartphone mirroring and USB for high-end FLAC file playback capability alongside DAB+ Digital Radio. With an amazing combination of premium in-built navigation side-by-side with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the X902D-VF luxury upgrade is everything your vehicle needs and deserves.

For more details on the X902D-VF, click here.

i902D-VF Infotainment System with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The i902D-VF Advanced Infotainment System for VF Commodore packs a punch with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto accompanied by an array of sound tuning capabilities to enhance the way your music is delivered. DAB+ Digital Radio provides access to your favourite radio stations while HDMI and USB playback plays host to a multitude of audio and video options including the mirroring of your smartphone screen and playback of high-end FLAC audio files.

This premium upgrade to your VF Commodore goes above and beyond the realms of an after-market headunit to provide you with a luxury infotainment system that will leave you and your passengers speechless. Treat your car to the upgrade it deserves with the all-new i902D-VF luxury infotainment system to bring all the latest technology to your dashboard.

For more details on the i902D-VF, click here.

VF Commodore Luxury Upgrade Features

Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay brings your iPhone to life with all the most important functions available right on the 9″ display. Make phone calls, receive messages and even stream a wide variety of music through apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and more. Apple CarPlay also offers smartphone navigation through Maps which allows you to set your destination either by entering the address on the keyboard or through voice control.

Android Auto

Android Auto allows for the connection of an Android smartphone gifting you features such as phone calls and text messages as well as the ability to stream music through apps like Google Play, Spotify and much more. Furthermore, Google Maps allows you to easily set your destination via text or speech and simply begin driving to receive turn-by-turn notifications.

Premium Built-in Navigation (X902D-VF only)

The Primo 3.0 Premium Navigation platform provides VF Commodore drivers with an all-inclusive navigation program that brings features like 3D landmarks, 3D cityscapes, high resolution maps, lane guidance, Points of Interest database and safety camera and speed zone alerts into your dashboard.

Traffic management control updates you on the potential hazards ahead while pinpoint accuracy is achieved through GPS and Glonass dead-reckoning system to ensure you never get lost. Accompanied by an amazing 3 years of free map updates, the X902D-VF? premium upgrade is the answer to all your navigation needs.

Retention of Factory Features

The Luxury Upgrade for VF Commodore retains some of the most important safety features such as rear view camera and parking sensors to ensure that you are aware of your surroundings. Also, the factory steering wheel controls are integrated so you maintain control of volume, phone functions, track forward/backward and more.

The factory fitted Bi-Modal exhaust equipped on the high-performance models is fully compatible with the Alpine system allowing you to turn it on and off in the vehicle settings. The Heater Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) is displayed with a visual screen on the Alpine unit to show adjustments in real-time.

Superior Sound Performance

Get the best out of your music with Alpine’s extensive sound adjustment options including features like 9-Band Parametric EQ which allows you to adjust the EQ of the front and rear channels or simply choose from the 10 pre-defined EQ modes such as Rock, Pop and Jazz.

Adjust cut-off frequencies for your speakers with the Digital Crossover adjustment plus the Time Correction feature allows you to precisely adjust the sound stage. MediaXpander HD technology allows you to restore the sound of compressed media such as MP3 and radio for optimum sound quality and a superior listening experience.

USB and HDMI Playback

USB audio and video playback is presented to you through the 9″ capacitive display to bring you your favourite songs, movies and music videos in astounding quality. FLAC audio files are supported up to 24Bit/192kHz for remarkable sound reproduction while AVI, MKV and MP4 video files can be viewed in the comfort of your dashboard.

Equipped with HDMI technology, the luxury upgrade for your VF Commodore allows for the mirroring of a smartphone with HDMI output to reproduce your phones screen on the large 9″ display.

DAB+ Digital Radio

Select DAB+ to access all your favourite digital only radio stations in high-quality and crystal clear sound. With improved reception and a large variety of stations, the VF Commodore luxury infotainment system offers a remarkable listening experience.

DVD Player (Optional)

DVD and CD playback is achieved in stunning clarity with the DVE-5300X optional drive. For VF Series I owners, the DVE-5300X is installed into the original drive location and is connected using HDMI technology for perfect integration. VF Series II owners can upgrade to the DVE-5300X using original equipment parts.